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As a trusted partner we have been investing in Small & Medium Business successions of services business since 2009.

We take on leadership roles to assure your life’s work continues to expand and thrive.

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We share our expertise and experience in growth strategies to help ensure your business has all it needs (focus, resources, strategy) to enter new markets safely.

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We ensure your business has everything it needs to expand and thrive.

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Founder & Entrepreneur Support Garage

Founder & Entrepreneur Support Garage

Founder & Entrepreneur Support Garage

Founder & Entrepreneur Support Garage

Founder & Entrepreneur Support Garage

“It was the perfect decision to partner
with Matthias to take on my life`s work.
In 2021 Annuity Management Group
surpassed 100m in sales.”

Kurt Studerus

Co-Founder Tesedi Group
Supervisory Board Annuity Management

Meet Matthias Knaur,
Founder of Pepper Oaks Capital

Throughout the last 26 years, Matthias has helped to
transform and build several industry leading businesses.

Case Study

Annuity Management

Co-Founder, CEO, investor, supervisory board

The Annuity Management Group has emerged as a leading service provider for the management of IT services and maintenance agreements for critical infrastructure. Over the course of 7 years Matthias and his team has grown the company to more than 100 Million CHF in sales in more than 25 countries.




service agreements


4+ Million

IT assets


Founded with a clear vision of building
category leader for service revenue


Aquired TESEDi – distributor for HPE service
contracts in Switzerland


Aquired Support Warehouse – winback and
recovery of expired service agreement


Acquired EuroPlus direct – management
of multi-country IT service agreement


Development of the IT service HUB – a
SAAS portal to manage optimal service
coverage for critical IT infrastructure

What Annuity Management customers
say about working with Matthias

“Highly professional and knowledgeable
businessperson - who has earned my respect
over the years working together.”

Gilles, Thiebaut

Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Northern
Western Europe, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Great entrepreneur and partner - who has
delivered best practices across 25 markets
around the globe.”

Greg Stafford

VP Global Channel Services Business,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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